Q3 Media Ltd is a UK-based solutions provider operating in the broadcast and media sectors.

Q3 Media can assist customers with specification, design and delivery of innovative solutions, helping bring together tailored off-the-shelf systems together with the potential for custom integration when appropriate. We can draw upon a range of industry professionals as associates to assist on projects ensuring the desired outcome can be achieved quickly and effectively.

Education and Support is a key part of the services we deliver. Whether this be formal training sessions, operational support or technical investigations & report writing, Q3 Media can assist.

We work closely with hardware and software manufacturers to ensure we stay ahead of the curve with what’s new whilst providing feedback from the real-world to ensure up-coming products address the needs of the market. Q3 Media partners with manufacturers who we trust can deliver systems that actually work. Regardless of these partnerships, we strongly champion our independence and will never make recommendations, or propose systems, unless they fully meet a customer’s requirements. Our honesty and integrity is important to us and we will never knowingly mislead or make false claims.






Ed Calverley launched Q3 Media in 2018 to provide technical consulting to the Broadcast media and entertainment market backed by almost 20 years of innovation in technological change. Seeing the consolidation in the industry he identified the need for a new style of solutions provider who can respond quickly and make use of true best-of-breed systems from smaller suppliers and manufacturers across the globe.

Starting his career with the BBC a Project Manager, where he oversaw the digitisation of a number of playout services and gained an invaluable experience of the whole broadcast chain. While at OmniBus (later acquired by Miranda, now Grass Valley) he was involved in the implementation of a number of large automation, newsroom, and MAM installations before becoming product manager for the new iTX platform which brought about the ‘channel-in-a-box’ revolution in playout. At OASYS he continued to innovate in solutions for playout and helped move the company forward significantly increasing turnover and ultimately leading to its acquisition by BroadStream. With Suitcase TV, he introduced a new concept for software-based live production, coining the phrase “Time-Compensated Remote Production”.



The rate of change in Broadcast & Media is breathtaking, traditional solution providers are struggling to keep up and transform their businesses from ‘box-shifting’ to ‘system-selling’. At Q3 we work collaboratively with end users as and manufacturers to make solutions that really work whilst remaining flexible to adapt to the never-ending change that has become the norm in today’s media world.

Q3 Media is driven by 1 core concept, which is at the heart of everything we do: Quality